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Business Concept

Development of a value chain from the customer’s view point

Our services are not limited to the purchase and sale of products.
By becoming involved from the product planning stage for packaging materials, we offer products of value that meet the needs of our customers in business areas such as food, distribution and retail, mail-order and online shopping, restaurant services and ready-made meal industries, and others.

Integrated Business Operations from Downstream all the way to Upstream

We supply a wide range of base paper, such as container board, folding boxboard, and kraft paper, in order to assist our customers with the manufacture of their packaging and paper products. To support the sourcing of paper products, we have built solid and trusting relationships with domestic and overseas paper mills, and have secured stable and optimal procurement channels. Our services extend through to logistics services.

Development of a value chain from the customer’s view point

One-Stop Solution

We offer a wide range of packaging, from paper packaging materials, such as corrugated carton box, folding box, to film-based flexible packaging materials that are needed in industries such as food, distribution and retail, mail order and online shopping, restaurant, and ready-made meals.

One-Stop Solution

In-House Product Development

In order to meet the needs of our customers, we develop on our own the materials all the way from base paper to raw materials that are the most suitable for use in the intended products.

Environmental Initiatives

Corrugated carton box is primarily made from recycled paper (90% or more). We are implementing initiatives to mitigate the environmental burden, such as by making our products thinner and lighter weight, and improving logistical efficiency, while taking full advantage of the unique characteristics of forest-derived recyclable papers.

Global Network

Viewing Asia and Japan as an integrated market, we build optimal value chains. We also offer high-value-added base paper and functional materials to growing emerging markets.

Global Network

Demonstration of the Mitsui & Co. Group’s Comprehensive Strengths

We materialize value-generating business by leveraging the comprehensive strength of the Mitsui & Co. group companies having close contact with a wide range of industries, utilizing our extensive capabilities in areas ranging from sales, procurement, manufacturing and processing, as well as logistics and IT.

Raw materials
(chemicals and metals)
Raw materials (chemicals and metals)1Raw materials (chemicals and metals)2
(retail, food, and agriculture)
ifestyle (retail, food, and agriculture)1ifestyle (retail, food, and agriculture)2
Innovation and corporate development
(IT, logistics & retail)
Innovation and corporate development (IT, logistics & retail)1Innovation and corporate development (IT, logistics & retail)2

Product lines

Raw materials and base paper

Raw materials and base paper1 Raw materials and base paper2 Raw materials and base paper3

Corrugating Medium Paper, Kraft Liner Board, Moisture Resistant Liner Board, Duplex Board, Cup Stock, Woodfree Paper, Paper Pulp, Cotton Linter Pulp, Abaca Pulp, Dissolving Pulp, Nonwoven Fabric, Polyolefin Synthetic Pulp, PET Resin, PE, PET, PP Film

Packaging materials

Packaging materials1 Packaging materials2 Packaging materials3

Corrugated Carton Box, Folding Box, Film-based Flexible Packaging Materials

Tailor-made products and functional products

Tailor-made products and functional products1 Tailor-made products and functional products2 Tailor-made products and functional products3

Casting Paper, Water Soluble Paper, Release Liner, Metal Interleaving Paper, Oil Resistant Paper, Paper Cups, Disposable Plastic Lids, Insulated Paper Cups, Polished Wired Glass, Other Functional Glass, Functional Mirrors

Profiles of Our Business Divisions

First and Second Packaging Materials Divisions

These divisions are focused on our flagship products – container board and corrugated carton box. By linking paper mills and converters, these divisions strive to ensure a stable supply of products. They perform a wide range of functions, from development to supply of corrugated carton box, folding box, etc., in order to meet the needs of customers operating in various industries, such as food, distribution and retail, mail order and online shopping, restaurant, and ready-made meals.

Overseas Trading Division

By leveraging the global network of the Mitsui & Co. group and with our customers throughout the world, we deliver items ranging from raw materials to finished products that are suited to each of our customers’ needs in Japan and around the world.

Industrial Materials Division

We provide the major mines of the world with off-the-road tires, which support the feet of mining and construction machinery indispensable for mineral resources development.

We have obtained FSC® CoC Certification (FSC® C009939)

Acting as a contact point in supply chains for certified paper, we promote responsible forest resources management.

We have obtained FSC® CoC Certification

FSC® helps take care of forests
for future generations.
FSC® C009939

Top message

Aki Hiraga President and Chief Executive Officer

Aki Hiraga
President and Chief Executive Officer

We believe that our company’s value, as expected by our customers, is a product of “Mitsui & Co.’s global comprehensive strengths” and “our differentiated capabilities to propose and act.” Since our fresh new start in 2008, we have been striving to enhance such corporate value.
Having recently celebrated our company’s 10th anniversary, we are taking steps towards a new growth stage through the following key initiatives:

  1. 1) Paper, Pulp and Packaging Segment

    To become “a comprehensive packaging-service trading company dynamically prominent in the Asia-Japan integrated market” by creating a new business model by leveraging our comprehensive strengths through the collaboration with Mitsui & Co. group companies, and capitalizing on digital transformation.

  2. 2) Industrial Materials Segment (Off-the-road tires for mining vehicles, etc.)

    To develop business wherein we provide solutions to mineral resources mining companies around the world, by closely working together with Mitsui & Co., which is the prime contractor.

  3. 3) Value - creating Professionals who are Engaging, Independent Thinkers, and Self Motivated and Proactive

    To accelerate the transformation of our employees into true value-creating professionals who are independent thinkers, self-motivated and proactive, and can engage with others within and outside of our company.

We are committed to making a concerted effort among our employees to ensure that each of our customers will continue to choose our company as their true business partner.

Business Principles

  • Mission

    Contribute to the development of an affluent life and a harmonious society.

  • Vision

    Create new value and fulfill the needs of society by integrating our professional skills with global networks.

  • Values

    Win the trust of society through fairness and humility.
    Stay ahead of the curve through continuous innovation.
    Become a group of professionals with specialist expertise spirit.
    Fulfill our expected social responsibilities, and contribute to protecting the environment.
    Build an open work environment, valuing teamwork.

Corporate Profile

  • Name
    Mitsui Bussan Packaging Co.,Ltd.
  • Date of Establishment
    December 19, 2002
  • Capital
    350 million yen
  • Shareholders
    100% owned by Mitsui & Co., Ltd.
  • Annual Sales
    43.9 billion yen (FY2018)
  • Number of Employees
    114 (as of April 1, 2019)
  • Office
    3-3-3 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052, Japan
    Phone:+81-3-6229-6300 Fax:+81-3-6229-6446
    • 3 minute walk from Akasaka-mitsuke Station
      (Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line, Ginza Line)
    • 5 minute walk from Nagatacho Station
      (Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line, Yurakucho Line, Namboku Line)
    • 5 minute walk from Akasaka Station
      (Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line)


As of 1 April,2019